D. Pharma students honored at Indraprasth College

Indraprasth Institute celebrated the achievements of its meritorious D. Pharma students. Among the announced exam results, in the field of D. Pharma, students securing the first, second, and third positions were Arshi, Naman Tyagi, Aman Mittal, and Affan. On this occasion, the institution’s Chairman, Dr. S. C. Kulshrestha, congratulated the meritorious students and wished them a bright future. The Principal of the institution, Dr. Anju Valia, felicitated the accomplished students and highlighted that the institution’s objective in honoring meritorious students is to boost their morale and inspire them to secure a better position in their further studies. The Vice Principal of the institution, Dr. Neha Tyagi, extended her best wishes to the students and emphasized that hard work is the key to success. She assured that the institution will continue to provide quality education in the future. The honored students expressed their gratitude to the institution and promised to achieve even better scores in the future. On this occasion, Robin Kumar, Vishal Kumar, Mo Asad, Vivek Sharma, and Vasif Rawa also extended their congratulations to the students.

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