Dear Students,

I am enthralled to welcome you at Indraprastha Institute of Management and Technology. IIMT traces its roots to the legacy that has been reforming and rejuvenating to meet the needs of existing students. I shower my affectionate Greetings to the new entrants to this prestigious Institute.

I am confident enough that we will unleash a world of opportunities before the students. We nurture blooming careers by way of high-class education. IIMT stands like a beacon providing boundless access to information.

It is our desire to impart education beyond the syllabus to equip the stakeholders with the latest in their respective fields of specialization. The quality of education that the institute will provide holistic growth by imparting value-based professional education for the budding intellectuals. We want our students to achieve their target with their full potential.

Our task is to make it possible by giving them the platform for learning. It is my commitment not only to this reputed institute, but also to our community to reach the goal established for the best of our students. We look forward to welcoming you to a part of our vibrant learning community.

Let noble thoughts come to us from every side.

Dr. Anju Walia