Engineer’s Day Celebrated with Exhibitions at IIMT College

Indraprasth Institute of Management and Technology, Saharanpur, celebrated Engineer’s Day by organizing exhibitions showcasing various models. The Chairman of the institution, Dr. S.C. Kulshrestha, stated that the great scientist Bharat Ratna Vishweshvaraya is an inspiration to all of us. The Secretary Engineer Sankalp Kulshrestha mentioned that their institution is continually progressing in the field of engineering, and their goal is to ensure that no student in this field remains deprived of education.

The Principal of the institution, Dr. Anju Valia, emphasized that the institution’s objective is to provide high-quality education in the field of engineering. The Vice Director Engineer Ashutosh Gupta mentioned that today, India produces the maximum number of engineers globally. These engineers have worked wonders in the field of technology and played a significant role in our nation’s development.

All the students presented various models, including a solar system, vacuum cleaner, automated bridge, and mobile communication models. The program was hosted by E. Suryakant and E. Ashwani Kumar. The event was attended by Dr. Kamal Krishna, Dr. Neha Tyagi, Er. Om Pal, E. Minto Saini, E. Bhanu Pratap, E. Amit Jain, E. Hemant Kataria, Arvind Kumar, Rohit, and others.”

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