Indraprasth College celebrates Vishwakarma Jayanti with a Havan Pooja

Today, on the occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti, a Havan Pooja was organized in the workshop of Indraprasth Institute of Management and Technology, Saharanpur. The auspicious event commenced with the lighting of lamps and offering flowers in front of Lord Vishwakarma’s idol by the institution’s Principal, Dr. Anju Valia, Vice Director Ashutosh Gupta, Dean Academic Suryakant, and Registrar Ashwani Kumar Singh. Following this, a Havan Pooja was conducted in the presence of all the staff members of the institution.

Dr. S. C. Kulshrestha, the Chairman of the institution, extended his best wishes to everyone and encouraged them to move forward. Dr. Anju Valia, the Principal of the institution, explained that on the occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti, a Havam Pooja is organized in the institution’s workshop to seek blessings for taking the institution to greater heights in their respective fields.

Ashutosh Gupta, the Vice Director of the institution, shared the belief that it is Lord Vishwakarma who created heaven, the golden Lanka, Dwaraka, Hastinapur, and the entire world. Therefore, on Vishwakarma Jayanti, machines in institutions, industries, and factories are worshipped. The Havan Pooja in the Mechanical Department was conducted by the Head of the Department, Om Pal, along with Minto Saini.

They emphasized that Lord Vishwakarma is considered the first engineer in the world, as he was responsible for the creation of the entire world. Hence, the Havan Pooja is performed on his Jayanti. The machines in the institution’s workshop were also worshipped by Shreekant, Haider, Rohit, and others from the Mechanical Engineering Department.

The Havam Pooja witnessed the presence of Suvidha, Ankit Menawal, Hemant Kataria, Deepak Saini, Arvind Saini, Ajay, Milan, Rajneesh, and all the staff members of the institution.”

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