Dear Students,

Since the globalization of the Indian economy, the world has witnessed a sea change in the socio-economic scenario. New challenges are emerging that need to be addressed at a fast pace.

Therefore, professional and technical education have gained momentum to cater to the perpetual needs of the corporate sector.

The Indraprastha Institute of Management and Technology has made its presence felt by committing itself to be a part of this transforming environment with a holistic vision to serve the national and Global cooperates with its state-of-the-art facilities, highly committed and motivated faculty and visionary leadership.

Transformation is a never-ending process, so our aim is to always provide the latest quality education, which in the case of a professional institute, means a system that effectively and pragmatically combines theory and practice in order to ensure both perfection and relevance.

I wish you great success in life.

Er. Sankalp Kulshreshtha
Founder Secretary